Multiple Sclerosis

MS is the deterioration of the myelin sheath which surrounds our nerves. As an analogy, if you cut the external co-axial surround of a TV aerial cable, the signal fails. Its considered an autoimmune disease.

A 50% reduction in symptoms can usually be achieved.
Avoid the sweetener Aspartame. Statins stop the myelin sheath from rebuilding.

You’re aiming for an anti-inflammatory, whole food diet.
Vitamin D 3  40,000iu a day
Women should give up make up and nail varnish, or find some that isn’t toxic.
Magnesium 200iu a day
Vitamin B12 – all the B vitamins help.
Fish oil, 3 tablespoons a day
Tumeric, preferably liposomal. Or taken half an hour after sulphur. Add bromelein for absorbtion
Reservatrol – rebuilds the myelin sheath.
GcMAF – make sure its genuine and has tests.
Cannaboids CBD oil
Sleep – may need melatonin, and a pinch of sugar and salt, 5:2
Hydronic Acid
The Russian Scenar – about £400.

Phone around perhaps 10 osteopaths and ask if they specialise in MS. They can double your success on their own.