5 teaspoons of sugar to 2 of sea salt. A pinch under the tongue stops glucose spikes which wake you up.

Melatonin – a natural hormone the body makes to go to sleep, use small quantities,  and keep it in the mouth – don’t take it with water and try not to swallow for 15 minutes. Banned in most western nations because it works. Its available in Holland Spain and Portugal. The latter countries don’t have the appalling prescription system that disempowers so many of us.

Dehydration is one of the causes of insomnia. Drink 3 pints of pure water a day, finishing at 8pm.

At least half an hours exercise a day.

No caffeine after 6 O’clock. That means tea and energy drinks too. Try to eat early – by 7pm anyway.

Only use your bedroom for sleeping. Don’t use it for watching TV, eating, computers etc.

An hour before bedtime, give up blue light – no TV’s or computers. Read a book instead.

Eat a banana before going to bed.

Give up stress, pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol, but a glass of red wine at bed time may help.

Go to bed early – you’ll worry less about sleeping, and at the same time each night. 10 pm is good.

Write down a list of all the stresses that are bothering you now. You can deal with them in the morning.

Start by breathing deeply and imagine some nice scenery as you go to sleep – try to really see it.