Type 2: Raw vegetables, no sugar, no carbohydrates, no protein for 30 days.
No vegetable or canola oil.

Many diseases, including obesity, high blood pressure, impotence, cancer, alzheimers, parkinsons, kidney and liver failure, often begin as diabetes.

In Type One diabetes, pancreatic cells self destruct, and there is too little insulin. In Type Two there is enough insulin, but our 60 trillion cells block it out with insulin resistance, partly because of bad, processed oils like canola and vegetable oil.

The body converts complex carbohydrates into complex sugars (glycogen) which it stores in the liver and muscles. When required, the body converts glycogen into glucose for cellular energy.

The hormone insulin transports proteins, sugars, fats and glucose to our cells.

Refined, manufactured carbs (crisps, cakes, sweets, pasta, white bread, ice cream, soft drinks) bypass this process and enter the bloodstream in minutes. Your blood sugar rises, so your pancreas has to pump more insulin to remove the sugar and deliver it to the cells.

To protect themselves from this acidic, bleached, processed sugar, the cells shut their doors. The doors even keep out glucose, and so you have insulin resistance. The liver converts some of the excess sugar into fat, stored in adipose fat cells, which usually collect around the tummy.

Animal Proteins – worse than sugar
It takes as much insulin to process a piece of steak as it does for 1/2lb sugar. (Protein does not raise blood sugar, so the medical profession misses this. They tell you half the story – give up sugars and carbs, which is not enough for stubborn diabetes.) But regular protein meals overload cells with protein, so again cells shut the doors, and you get insulin resistance.

The body converts the excessive protein into collagen fibre and stores it in the basal membranes of blood capillary walls (giving rise to high blood pressure). The capillaries then have difficulty allowing even glucose through.

Healing the causes.
Become vegan for at least 6 weeks. No meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese or cows milk. Eat all fresh food: salads, above ground vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains. Don’t use any sweeteners, except Xylitol, Stevia, or D-mannose. Exercise speeds up the process, so does Berberine and Chromium, found in vitamin shops.

Type 1: One teaspoon of ground cinnamon, or tumeric, a day can balance blood sugar; eat broccoli, take vitamin D3 (better for you than insulin injections.) Take gymnema sylvestre to rebuild pancreatic cells. Pancreatic enzymes will help. It can take 3 years to eradicate Type one

Use good oils – coconut oil (a tablespoon day), olive, hemp, flaxseed, fish oils, butter – they are not manufactured. Saturated or unsaturated oil can be good or bad. Trans Fatty oils (hydrogenated) are always bad. Bad oils embed themselves in the cell walls, causing insulin resistance. Magnesium citrate helps. Use pink Himalayan rock salt, or unrefined sea salt crystals if you need it.

A sample approach for type 2.
You might give up sugar, carbs and protein, and eat tomatoes, mushrooms and onions fried in butter for breakfast. Eat lettuce, tomatoes and avocado with cyder apple vinegar and olive oil for lunch, and fried broccoli, asparagus mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes for a 5pm dinner. If you stick to it, you may drop your blood sugar by more than a point a day.

You might even have a night out with three glasses of red wine and perhaps a whisky in an Indian restaurant, but eat something like vegetarian madras, which is cooked in ghee, ie, butter.

Avoid Thai and Chinese. They usually contain vegetable oil, and if you eat those, your blood sugar is likely to go right back where it started from with just one meal. So be wary of eating in restaurants. And just one pint of beer can put it up 3 points.

Stick ruthlessly to the diet, in a month you may have normal blood sugar of 5.5. You can speed it up by multiday fasting, drinking lots of water.

Andrew Moritz wrote a book along these lines.

Moritz was an alternative medical practitioner. He died inexplicably in 2012. It seems clear Big Pharma, lead by the USA’s FDA, have now murdered 93 alternative doctors who have been astonishingly successful without using their drugs. Did they get him too?