Dementia / Parkinsons / Alzheimers

At least a 50% reduction in symptoms is achievable.

The ketogenic diet – mainly greens, fruit,  avoid red meat. You aim is to get into keytosis.

–  You want to switch your brain from glucose buring to ketone burning.

Avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Use Stevia, Xylitol

Coconut oil – a tablespoon three times a day.

Magnesium Citrate, 600iu a day

Vitamin B1, 2 grams a day, Thiamin will do,

All the other B vitamins, particularly B12, a vitamin B complex will be fine.

Curcumin 500mg a day

Vitamin D 40,000iu

Omega-3 oil

Sulphur or MSM to detox.

Hyperbaric oxygen


Both Niacin (no flush) and GcMAF are effective against schizophrenia.