Take charge of your treatment, 30% of which comes from your own mind. If you hand that over to a doctor, you only have 70% of your healing power left. Believe in yourself – your intuition knows what’s best. Thousands have cured themselves from terminal cancer; you can too.

And there are a dozen ways of saving people from cancer. Most of them are about 10% effective. Add five or six of them together, and you should be on your way.

Since Dr Otto Warburg PhD’s scientific research paper in 1924, and in hundreds since, we have known cancer only eats one thing: sugar. Carbohydrates, bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes etc become sugar in the body, so in all of the remedies below, you must avoid them.

The Paleo diet. Cancer feeds off sugar only. Carbohydrates become sugar in the body. If you avoid sugar and carbs, eat maily vegetables and salads, with a little white meat, and fish, you’ll often stop stage 3 cancer in its tracks, and usually cure stage 2 cancer. The Gerson or Budwig therapies are an option here.

Vitamin D 3 in at least 20,000iu a day. Take 100mcg vitamin K2 with it.

GcMAF – the body’s own way of curing cancer, a human protein and human right, with no side effects, and its completely safe.  It has over 300 scientists behind it. Superb for stage 4, and for terminal pancreatic cancers. Its difficult for laboratories to extract, a 22 stage process. If there are no tests, its fake. 70% effective with terminal stage 4 tumour cancers. Banned by the FDA in the USA, and the MHRA in England.

Get exercise, get oxygen: Cancer cells are killed by oxygen.
Or use a hyperbaric chamber at 1.5 – 1.8 bar with pure oxygen once a day.

Bicarbonate of soda mixed 1:1 with molasses, which act as a trojan horse to get the bicarb into cancer cells. Keep your body alkaline. Add tumeric and black pepper.

3 lemons a day in  a pint of water with celtic sea salt. Your bodies’ PH needs to be up to 7.2 or more, ie, alkaline. Buy litmus papers from a chemist and test it. In most people with cancer PH is down at the 5-6 level, very acid. Cancer needs acid to survive. The doctor who first practised this, ie, lemons, was threatened with 20 years in prison.

Large dose (10grams plus) Vitamin C infusions (IV) – published by the Riordan Clinic. Liposomal vitamin C can be drunk – much easier.

Bitter almonds. Now banned by the pharma/US government mafia as too effective. But also in Apricot seeds and apple pips – its  vitamin B 17 or laetrile.

Essaic – a selection of herbs, including sheep sorrel, which animals eat to cure their cancer. Used with huge success by Rene Cassise of Toronto. Her hospital was closed by the chemotherapy industry as too serious a competitor.  Essaic is available on the internet.

Curcumin – but it has to be taken IV, and it can be bought in the proper form. Liposomal is also available.

DCA dichloracetate – a research paper by the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. If you overdose you get neuropathy temporarily. Simply reduce the dose. Attacked by the authorities.

Pureed asparagus and Broccoli spears. Avocado. Red peaches cause apoptosis of cancer cells. Weak, but works for perhaps 10% of people. Or juice 50% beetroot, 30% carrots, 20% apples together.

Hyperthermia – tumours cannot stand temperatures above 40 degrees C.

Cannabis oil, or CBD. Banned in the USA and UK

Reservatrol in very small doses. Larger doses inhibit CYP1BI. Better: Salvesterols: phytonutrients activated by cancer’s CYP1B1

The right trace metals for the cancer: Dr Thomas Tallberg MD here

Detox. Use Selenium and sulphur. Support the liver. Drink 3 pints of structured water a day.

Other issues
If you have breast cancer, try 6 drops of iodine a day.
In breast cancer, high dose N-Acetyl Cysteine (available in health food shops) blocks MCT4, a protein which brings cancer cells energy. Research paper “Evidence for a stromal-epithelial “lactate shuttle” in human tumors” by the Jefferson University. Avoid for lung cancers.
Fish oil with Omega 3 DHA blocks angiogenesis
Iron is good, but not if you have cancer. So avoid red meat, get its zinc and vitamin B12 elsewhere.
Asprin in low doses (75mg) may reduce inflammation, which causes cancer
Metformin, if you can get it, should reduce the amount of sugar in the body.
Vitamin A for melanoma
Wormwood, garlic and antioxidants are anti-fungal.
Our reason for living is to cure people. What’s yours? Choose a good one.
Morphine and chemotherapy create cancer. Avoid them.
One of the ways chemo kills is through the secretion of WNT16B, which promotes tumour growth.
No stress – it causes cancer. So do suppressed emotions.
Think positively, choose positive friends.
Have a good social life
Glutamate makes cancer worse. Glutathion, which can be liposomal, is an antioxidant and can prevent apoptosis (suicide of cancer cells)
EMF – Electro Magnetic Fields, wifi, a telephone land line base station, all cause cancer.
Black mold – use 2 teaspoons T-tree oil in 2 cups of water; spray to get rid of it, or move house.

Prostate Cancer
GcMAF had 80% success treating prostate cancer.

Their first prostate cancer patient had a PSA of 764.5; it took 5 months to get it down to 10.9. It became normal.
Many of their prostate cancer patients had a PSA of over 2,000, and were Gleason 9’s or 10s.

With a PSA of 10 or less it is very unlikely you have prostate cancer, and should live to a good age.
A nagalase test tells you you can have any one of 50 diseases, none of which need be cancer, so do not rely exclusively on that.

If you let a doctor mess with you, and give you a biopsy, the biopsy cuts into cancer cells, which float around the body, and you die of secondaries two years later.

If the doctor gives hormone, it kills you in 27 months. Your FSH level, which generally starts at 10, reduces by about one with every three monthly injection. When it gets below one, it is fatal.

Give up sugar and carbohydrates;  20,000iu of vitamin D a day and a 100mcg of K2  should be enough for a low PSA.