Is it autism? There are many things that look like it, but aren’t.

Autistic children may spend 6 hours a day banging their heads against a brick wall, may have to wear protective head guards. They do not make eye contact. They are usually non verbal. They refuse to be hugged or cuddled. They go to special needs schools, not a main stream. GcMAF is brilliant with autism;  initial results usually happen in one day. Give it as they go to sleep.

But not if it isn’t autism.  It could be something else, or high functioning aspergers.

A nagalase test will show if he has any autistic component. Vitamin Diagnostics of South Amboy New Jersey can do it.  732-721-1234 or +1 (732) 525-3288,  or ELN Laboratories in Holland, +31 30-6564888.

You may put him on a probiotic youghurt;  RAW probiotics,

Or –  the tablets.