Your body regenerates, arthritis is reversible.

Take charge of it: don’t hand it to a doctor, most will make it worse.

Osteoarthritis is where the joint cartilage and bone have degenerated. Rheumatoid arthritis is the immune system attacking your joints. Both can be successfully treated; expect success in three months.

Arthritis is caused by toxins in the body: vaccinations, GMO’s, processed food and pharmaceutical drugs.

Aim for a diet of raw organic vegetables. No gluten, sugar or dairy; take algae based omega 3s, eat coconut oil, take 3+ pints of pure water a day. Avoid animal proteins – a cause inflammation; avoid GMO’s, processed foods and polyunsaturated fats like vegetable oil, sunflower and canola oil, corn oil, soy products.  Eat olive oil, flaxseed oil. Give up carbohydrates, especially wheat.

Omega 6 fats cause inflammation. Avoid them.

90% of Glucosamine Chondroitin supplements are worthless. Make a soup of beef and chicken joints, you want the gelatin. Add eggshells, shellfish shells and vegetables. Add lemon juice or vinegar to release the  Glucosamine, Chondroitin and calcium. Add water and cook for hours.

Take Green tea, ginger, pomegranate juice, cherry juice. Take 10,000iu vitamin D a day. Or sunbathe 20 minutes a day.

Take brazil nuts for their selenium. Eat spinach and broccoli, pineapple for its bromelain.

Move your joints to get blood in them so they regenerate.

See a chiropractor or osteopath who knows your joints regenerate. Ask him to remove any nerve pressure in the nervous system. Examine any trauma your body has experienced, and correct any joint misalignment.

Read one of the books on arthritis can be cured like John Bergman’s “How to reverse arthritis naturally,”  or “Arthritis Interrupted” by Stephen Sinatra and Jim Healthy.